Best Settings for Valorant in 2024
Last Update: 03/31/2024

Valorant is a popular free first-person shooter game developed and published by Riot Games on Windows. Being inspired by the Counter-Strike series, Valorant borrows some features and mechanics such as spray patterns. By doing so, Valorant attracts many Counter-Strike players as well.

How to Find the Best Settings for Valorant

Players of first-person shooter games always have high requirements of settings because settings may affect their response speed. In addition, they have to search for the best settings for their computer. Although the best settings for Valorant may vary from individual to individual, it is still possible to find them on the Internet.

There are several kinds of settings in Valorant, let’s take a look at them one by one.

First is general settings. General settings are up to players’ preferences. Thus, you can choose different settings, which are most suitable for you, rather than sticking to the given settings.

Enemy Highlight Color: This setting is mostly up to preference, however, many players choose yellow as it seems to cause enemies to stick out slightly more than other colors.

Raw Input Buffer: If you can run VALORANT at over 60 FPS, we recommend having this setting set to “on.”

Always Show Inventory: Off

Player Loadouts Always Visible: Off

Cycle to Next/Prev Weapon Wraps Inventory: Off

Cycle to Next/Prev Weapon Includes Spike: Off

Show Blood: On

Instability Indicators: On

Show Corpses: Off

Show Bullet Tracers: On

Network Buffering: Minimum

Use Team Color for Crosshair: Off

Hide User Interface in Game: Off

Next are the best graphic settings for Valorant. The settings listed below would have a huge influence on your computer performance and gaming experience. Also, a change of graphic settings may be the best Valorant settings for aim because they will provide you with the highest possible FPS in the game. In this way, they can also be called the best settings for Valorant FPS. 

Multithreaded Rendering: On

Material Quality: Low

Texture Quality: Low

Detail Quality: Low

UI Quality: Low

Vignette: Off

VSync: Off

Anti-Aliasing: None or FXAA

Anisotropic Filtering: 1x or 2x

Improve Clarity: Off

Experimental Sharpening: Off

Bloom: Off

Distortion: Off

Cast Shadows: Off

Thirdly, the stats part is also up to the individual’s preference. But these settings may provide you with some important information. Check it out!

Client FPS: Text Only

Server Tick Rate: Text Only

Total Frame Time: Hide

Idle time: Hide

CPU Game Time: Hide

CPU Render Time: Hide

Network Round trip Time: Text Only

Packet Loss: Text Only

Game to Render Latency: Hide

Game Latency: Hide

Render Latency: Hide

For Minimap settings, we recommend you not zoom in on your map too much. A minimap is an indispensable part of game that provides essential information. Having an overview of the entire map and what’s going on in the round through the minimap can be a key to your victory.

You can set the minimap to ‘rotate’ thus you will be able to know where things are happening relative to your position quickly.

You can set “keep player centered” to off in order to see the whole map.

If you prefer a static minimap, you can choose “based on side” to easily orientate yourself.

The size and zoom settings are up to you. Just make sure that you can easily see the overview of the whole map.

You can leave minimap vision cones on to see which angle your teammate is covering.

The above would be all the best settings for Valorant, including the best settings for Valorant FPS, the best graphic settings for Valorant and the best Valorant settings for aim.

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