Fixes for Modern Warfare 2 connection errors
Last Update: 12/16/2022
Do you often suffer from Modern Warfare 2 connection errors. Do you want to know the key solution when Modern Warfare 2 keeps crashing. Do not worry! This article is perfect for you to find out answer!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a first-person shooter (FPS) game which is designed by Infinity Ward. The story of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is set in 5 years after the story of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Russia is once again in political turmoil. Vladimir Makarov, the brutish leader associated with the Imran Zakhaev terror group, has orchestrated a series of conspiracies that will endanger the security of the world. It is the season of heavy snowfall in the Tianshan Mountains, and the special forces must infiltrate the secret military base hidden in the mountains by the enemy in this harsh climate. After detonating a lot of explosives, the special forces who got the information must ride snowmobiles to escape the enemy's pursuit. And the danger of evil plans is approaching. While players enjoy the story, they may encounter Modern Warfare 2 connection errors and crash in Modern Warfare 2. That's why I think you should choose a Modern Warfare 2 game booster —— LagoFast! And this article will tell you how to avoid Modern Warfare 2 keeping crashing.


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Part 1: What are Modern Warfare 2 connection errors?

Part 2: What can we do to solve Modern Warfare 2 connection errors?

Part 3: Why do we suffer from Modern Warfare 2 connection errors?

Part 4: How to get easy lobby in Modern Warfare 2?

What are Modern Warfare 2 connection errors?

Modern Warfare 2 connection errors are nothing new for this online game, many players have complained about them. Modern Warfare 2 connection errors usually mean that the player cannot connect to the server when they are trying to enjoy the game. This problem includes many situations. Objectively, that includes situations where game servers are down or updated. Subjectively, if the player's computer is overloaded, the network connection is abnormal. 

What can we do to solve Modern Warfare 2 connection errors?

Choose the professional Modern Warfare 2 Booster— LagoFast!

After reading about the above-mentioned reasons for Modern Warfare 2 connection errors, you must believe that increasing the speed of the Internet can fix Modern Warfare 2 performance issues obviously! Therefore, I have to recommend this professional Modern Warfare 2 booster to you. As an experienced Modern Warfare 2 booster, LagoFast has a more than 8-year-history of improving in-game issues, like Modern Warfare 2 lag issue, crashes, and connection errors. 

LagoFast With a self-developed game data transmission protocol can offer you the best gaming experience without any connection error. LagoFast can significantly increase the player's internet speed. Moreover, LagoFast is easy to use and affordable. Even if when players can't afford the monthly subscription price, they can find a user-friendly Pay-per-Minute plan. Compared with the same-rank products, LagoFast also has the lowest monthly plan.

The features of LagoFast are as follows:

  • Well-developed and professional
  • Self-developed game data transmission protocol
  • Easy to use
  • Offer a Pay-per-Minute plan
  • Lowest monthly plan among the same-rank products

To use LagoFast:

Step 1: Download LagoFast


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Step 2: Search Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in the Search Box and click it in the search result.


mw 2


Step 3: Choose a recommended server ( a server nearer to you.




Step 4: Click on the Boost button to start boosting. On this tab, you can see your real-time ping and packet loss rate.



Other recommended solutions for Modern Warfare 2 connection errors

Pay attention to Modern Warfare 2 Server Status: The game version update will cause the Modern Warfare 2 server to shut down. The first thing you can do when you encounter a connection error is to check the status of the Modern Warfare 2 server. Then judge whether the connection error is caused by this factor. You can keep up to date with the latest news on the Activision Online Services page. If the server is off or in some maintenance state, please be patient with the latest news. After the update is complete, try playing again. Finally, check for the existence of Modern Warfare 2 stuttering.

Test and improve your internet speed: If the Modern Warfare 2 server is not performing issues, there must be some issues in your internet speed. You can try resolving it by refreshing it from time to time.

  • Change to a Wired connection: An abnormal players’ network connection is another possible cause of Modern Warfare 2 connection errors. For Modern Warfare 2, wired connections are more stable than wireless networks. For a better gaming experience, when you can't connect to the Modern Warfare 2 servers, you can try to switch to a wired network.
  • For a Wireless connection: Try to restart your router. Connect to the computer again after the router is turned on. Playing Modern Warfare 2 and check if Modern Warfare 2 starts working again.
  • Restart the game: Another fix is to restart Modern Warfare 2. You can start Modern Warfare 2 a few seconds after Modern Warfare 2 is closed. This tends to resolve the Modern Warfare 2 connection Puget-Altus errors.
  • Restart computer system: Restarting your computer or Console can also help do the fix. After it starts try playing Modern Warfare 2 and see if you still meet Modern Warfare 2 connection errors.
  • Reinstall the game: If all the solutions above do not work, you had better reinstall the game. Just uninstall it from your system then do a fresh install. When the game is ready, try to play it and check if you still meet Modern Warfare 2 connection errors.

Why do we suffer from Modern Warfare 2 connection errors?

Game version update: As the classification explained above, there are two main reasons for Modern Warfare 2 connection errors. The objective reason refers to the Modern Warfare 2 connection errors caused by the Modern Warfare 2 game server. When many players try to start the game, they get a message: Connection failed. The login server is currently undergoing maintenance. If players receive this message, they may not be able to connect to the game. When the Modern Warfare developer updates the version, the server will be shut down for a period of time. It avoids Modern Warfare 2 keeps crashing. Players cannot connect during this period.




Poor internet speed: When players are connecting to Modern Warfare 2 at a low speed, their computers cannot connect to the game server stably. In this status, the game will send a message: Connection failed. Considering that the game does not update frequently, the player's low internet speed is the common cause of the Modern Warfare 2 crashes.

How to Get Easy Lobby in Modern Warfare 2?

Step 1: Download LagoFast and register, remember to get free trial time


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Step 2: Type " easy lobby " in the Search box and click it.


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Then, you can adjust the server you wanted and choose the best nodes with lower ping.


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Step 3: Click on the Boost button to begin boosting.

On this page, you can have a direct view of your real-time ping rate and packet loss rate which are related to FPS performance.


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